Cutting edge technology helps athletes with injuries

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – Cutting edge technology, now available in Colorado, is helping athletes with injuries get back on track.

A’Jon Vivens is a wide receiver for Mullen High School who has already committed to play for CSU in 2018. But it wasn’t an easy route. He was sidelined during the spring track season after an injury to his leg.

“It was sort of uncomfortable for me and there were certain restrictions I had with my leg because of the injury,” Vivens said.

He went to UCHealth Steadman Hawkins Clinic-Denver for physical therapy and to use the unique DARI sports performance technology. It’s only available at two places in the state.

The DARI system uses a green screen on the floor and eight cameras overhead for markerless motion capture. Vivens went through a series of exercises, and the DARI was able to quickly capture his movements using and avatar. No sensors are needed.

“Technology has definitely come a long way,” said Ali Laura, a physical therapist at Steadman Hawkins Clinic. “The great thing about it is a lot of times it picks up subtleties that we, even as expert clinicians, don’t always notice or see,” Laura said.

The system helped staff track the progress, and fine tune the physical therapy, so that Vivens could be 100 percent on the field this season. “I feel really good,” Vivens said.

Athletes and dancers of all ages and levels, including big name professionals, are coming in to use the system. But the technology is available to everyone. “I think it was a great tool, and it helped me with my recovery,” Vivens said.

The evaluation can be billed to insurance, otherwise it cost $100 for a new evaluation and $65 for re-evaluation.

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